The Titanic String Band

February 17, 2014 | Peter LaBau

Titanic String Band Video

For a good number of years now I’ve been playing a type of banjo music referred to as “Classic Style”. I play other instruments, and other types of music, but this Classic Style stuff has been a source of great musical joy to me over the years. And I feel a certain responsibility to keep it alive- its hay day was roughly from about 1880 through the 1920’s, and as such it’s not as accessible as a lot of banjo stuff. I consider myself part of the living timeline of this style of playing; I have had the honor of playing it with some of the players who were active in the 1920’s, and they in turn had sat at the feet of those who came before them. I enjoy turning younger players and audiences alike on to it, so I feel like I’m a link in a so far unbroken chain.  I’m presenting a link below here to a video that I, along with my musical partner Mitch Nelin made a year ago (2013) in Lowell, MA with the assistance of the National Park Service. The video will give you a basic “lay of the land” and if you’re interested, I’ll be writing more about this music and the instruments used to create it. I hope you enjoy the video!


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