Even a quick glance at the images of my work will show you that restoring and renovating old houses is a big part of what I do. For the better part of 36 years I’ve been passionately involved with historic and traditional architecture. I co-founded Classic Restorations, Inc. (later to become The Classic Group, Inc.) in Boston, MA back in the early 1980’s, and was working in the fields of design and construction for several years before that. My award-winning firm offered architectural, interior design, and construction services for historic and traditional houses in the New England area, before branching out into designing and building new old houses. I sold the firm in 2005, and have been in Charlottesville, VA since then carrying on my practice from my studio in Stony Point, just north of the city of Charlottesville.

I concentrate now just on design, both architectural and interior with the same focus on historic and traditional residences, both old and new. As someone who treasures collaborative partnerships, I have formed significant relationships with area builders who execute my designs. Together we work with our clients as a team, and in my current capacity as a sole proprietor my clients get my full attention. I have talented staff that I add as needed, so I’m able to handle both smaller and the larger projects that my Boston firm was famed for.

 In addition to my specialty in historic and traditional architectural work, I bring a broad knowledge of construction, planning, and project management to bear on my projects. This expertise in both design and construction is hugely helpful in guiding my clients throughout the design process, and on through the completion of our projects.

Since residential work is all I do, I’ve developed an unusually good bedside manner in how I work with my clients. I listen well, offer up a wealth of design expertise, and help turn my clients’ dreams into working realities. And we have fun doing it! Please feel free to contact me with your questions, ideas, and possible projects. I look forward to hearing from you.