Renovation & Restoration

Renovation and Restoration of historic houses is where I cut my professional teeth, and I still love working with old houses. The sense of history, and being able to participate in the legacy of a structure that was around long before any of us were is a really heady thing. Many of the images you’ll see in my portfolio pages are of modifications to old houses, where I have carefully adjusted them to suit contemporary lifestyles while staying true to their historical essence. This is what defines “Renovation” for me. I think of “Restoration” as bringing a house back to a particular period of its historical past. I have done straight-out Restorations of houses, mostly for museum purposes, but the bulk of my work with existing houses would fall under the heading of “Renovation”. This could include an addition or additions, a reworking of an interior floor plan, or just redesigning particular rooms within their original footprint. Often Renovation includes designing and installing new mechanical systems and updated technologies in a seamless fashion in addition to design changes.